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Cleveland Browns Offseason Grade

Cleveland Browns
Justin Rochat
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Greg Robinson

OL Greg Robinson – A Impact 8/10

DL Carl Davis – C Impact 5/10

LB Ray-Ray Armstrong – B Impact 6/10

CB Phillip Gaines – B Impact 6/10

The most significant re-signing is offensive lineman Greg Robinson who will continue to protect Baker Mayfield’s blindside. This was the correct and easy decision as Robinson has been solid at the left tackle position. The rest were all solid depth moves at positions where the Browns were pretty thin.

Released/Lost in Free Agency

Jamie Collins

LB Jamie Collins – Impact 7/10

TE Darren Fells – Impact 7/10

DB Derrick Kindred – Impact 3/10

WR Ricardo Louis – Impact 4/10

DB Howard Wilson – Impact 3/10

The Browns terminated all of the players contracts listed above, only 2 players hold significant impact. Jamie Collins was a big time acquisition a few year ago from the Patriots, but his release is justifiable due to injuries. When healthy Collins could still contribute to his team. The release of Darren Fells I didn’t agree with since he can make a big impact in the run game with his ability to block.

Free Agency

Sheldon Richardson

RB Kareem Hunt – A Impact 7/10

WR Jaelen Strong – C+ Impact 5/10

DL Sheldon Richardson – A Impact 9/10

TE Demetrius Harris – B Impact 7/10

First, let’s address the “controversial” signing in Kareem Hunt. The Chiefs released the running back after video surfaced of Hunt getting into an altercation with a women. Hunt bull rushed a man who then knocked into the women as she went flying. Hunt then walked over to her and kicked her to the floor. Hunt will be missing the first 8 games of the season. From a football standpoint, this is a really nice addition to the backfield. The Browns then made a big signing to improve their defensive line by agreeing to a 3 year deal worth $37 million. Richardson has shown that he can be a menace for opposing offensive lineman as his ability to get into the backfield is incredible. Jaelen Strong hasn’t had the success many thought he would have, however he could be a nice addition to the special teams. The Demetrius Harris signing was one meant to fill the void after Cleveland released Darren Fells.


Odell Beckham Jr.

Browns get: WR Odell Beckham Jr and DE/OLB Olivier Vernon – A+ Impact 10/10

Giants get: OL Kevin Zeitler, S Jabrill Peppers, 2019 1st round pick, 2019 3rd round pick

I don’t have to explain why this is a huge win for the Browns. They get one of the most electrifying offensive players in the game. Odell is a HUGE game changer and is paired with his LSU teammate Landry. I cannot wait to see what Baker can do with the offensive weapons he has. Olivier Vernon should be able to provide some extra rush off the edge opposite Myles Garrett.


Greedy Williams

Pick 2.46 – CB Greedy Williams, LSU – A+ Impact 10/10
Pick 3.80 – LB Sione Takitaki, BYU – C+ Impact 7/10
Pick 4.119 – S Sheldrick Redwine, Miami – C+ Impact 6/10
Pick 5.155 – LB Mack Wilson, Alabama – A+ Impact 8/10
Pick 5.170 – K Austin Seibert, Oklahoma – B- Impact 10/10
Pick 6.189 – OL Drew Forbes, Missouri State – A- Impact 5/10

Pick 7.221 – CB Donnie Lewis Jr, Tulane – B Impact 5/10

Mack Wilson

The Browns made some weird decisions in the draft, but it’s like the board fell to them and corrected some mistakes where they may have reached for a player. Greedy Williams is an absolute steal in the second round. He was back n’ forth as CB1 and 2 for me so he had a first round grade. Then I felt like the Browns reached with their next two picks in Takitaki and Redwine. They have fantastic names, but i felt they could’ve been taken a round later. The Browns made up for it though taking a steal with their 5th round pick Mack Wilson. For whatever reason Wilson slid far, however he should make a big impact right away for the Browns. Yes, the Browns took a kicker in the 5th round, but I like it, they’ve had kicking woes the last few years and hopefully Serbert solves their issues. I gave solid grades for their 6th and 7th round picks, now, I have no clue if they’ll have any impact this year, but I just felt like they were solid value picks for where they were taken.  


John dorsey

John Dorsey has turned around the Cleveland Browns. Well….on paper at least. The Browns have made big moves this offseason getting the biggest game changer on offense while also improving the defense signing Sheldon Richardson who has proven he could get to the quarterback. Dorsey has added to an already promising team and has positioned the Browns to be a serious contender in the AFC North that has been dominated by the Steelers and Ravens. Dorsey’s draft was a mixed bag of reviews, but he made some solid picks that could contribute right away. I’m excited to see what the Browns could do and how far they can get this season. We’ll see if the moves that have been praised by the media pans out or if they somehow disappoint.

Grade: B+