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Los Angeles Chargers Offseason Grade

Los Angeles Chargers
Austin Cunningham
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Kyle Emanuel

LB Kyle Emanuel – Impact 6/10

Kyle Emanuel was an average linebacker that was versatile enough to move around the defensive front. Retiring due to health concerns is something that I’ll never fault a guy for.

Released/Lost in Free Agency

Jahleel Addae

S Jahleel Addae – Impact 7/10

WR Tyrell Williams – Impact 7/10

CB Jason Verrett – Impact 3/10

The Chargers managed to retain the majority of their players from 2018-19 this offseason. Jahleel Addae was a starting safety this past season but expect Phillips to take over that spot opposite Derwin James with newly drafted Nasir Adderley taking over as the third safety. Tyrell Williams was a solid option to complete the trio with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams but LA just couldn’t afford his price tag. Jason Verrett should’ve had a much higher impact rating but his inability to stay healthy drags it down a ton.

Free Agency

Thomas Davis Sr

QB Tyrod Taylor – C- Impact 4/10

LB Thomas Davis Sr. – B- Impact 7/10

Los Angeles was not very active this offseason and only grabbed one guy that will be helping their team in more ways than one. That guy is 36 year old Thomas Davis. He may not be the biggest game changer on the field for the Chargers but he can be extremely helpful in the locker and behind the scenes. Yes, he has been a force on the field the last couple of years and appears to have gotten better with age. One thing that is undefeated is father time and at the age of 36 and being a linebacker who gets in several car crash type hits a game, your body is going to start breaking down. This is why the mental aspect and experience will be more beneficial for the Chargers than his individual play.

Tyrod Taylor

Signing Tyrod Taylor is nothing more than a valuable backup for Phillip Rivers if he faces an injury. The Chargers are a scary team and always seem to be an injury or mental mistake away from finding themselves deep in the playoffs or even the Super Bowl.


Pick 1.28 – DL Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame – B+ Impact 7/10
Pick 2.60 – S Nasir Adderley – A- Impact 8/10
Pick 3.91 – OT Trey Pipkins, Sioux Falls – B- Impact 5/10
Pick 4.130 – LB Drue Tranquill, Notre Dame – C+ Impact 6/10
Pick 5.166 – QB Easton Stick, North Dakota state – D+ Impact 2/10
Pick 6.200 – LB Emeke Egbule, Houston – C- Impact 4/10

Pick 7.242 – DL Cortez Broughton, Cincinnati – C Impact 3/10

Jerry Tillery

The Los Angeles Chargers draft was an interesting one because they were able to grab players that can help the team moving forward. Drafting Jerry Tillery in the first round was a head scratcher due to the fact that he was mocked and graded as a round two type player. Meaning a year of development is generally needed to become impactful for their new team. If the Chargers feel that this was their guy and believe he can help their front seven in a productive way, then this is a great pick for them. He does show a good burst off the line of scrimmage and an ability to rush the passer from an interior part of the line. This only makes the Chargers pass rush that much scarier for offenses in the NFL.

Nasir Adderley

In the second round they grabbed Nasir Adderley, who was mocked as a round one- early round two- type safety. He has great range and a nose for the ball. He is not the biggest guy but he makes up for it with his ability to read a play, which is great for the Chargers back end. Adderley will be a great addition next to Derwin James and should have Charger fans jumping for joy. Grabbing Pipkins in the third round is a good pick not only moving forward for depth now. Going in the third round allows him to compete for a job during camp and throughout the season while not feeling the pressure to be the ‘guy’ in year one. He has tremendous promise for the Chargers front five moving forward.

Easton Stick

In the fifth round they went quarterback. A pretty good one with a history of winning. Easton Stick is not slated as a future starter for this franchise but he does have that competitive fire that will help keep Rivers fighting for his job. (In a physical/mental aspect to stay focused, not in a literal sense of taking Rivers job. Calm down)

Drue Tranquill

The Chargers saw their need at the linebacker position, mainly for consistency throughout the season. They took two in the draft with Drue Tranquill and Emeke Egbule. Tranquill shows the athleticism for a linebacker, but he lacks the size and overall power needed. The league is moving to a slimer, faster type linebacker, but with his history of injuries during college it can not be helped but to assume those may carry over into his NFL career. Egbule is a similar type player but without the injuries and being a pure raw talent that needs time to develop. Cortez in the seventh round is to help build depth at the position and for special teams. Cortez and Egbule will definitely be developmental type players but if all goes well they can be a dangerous part of this Chargers defense that is already intimidating to say the least.


Tom Telesco

The Los Angeles Chargers are in win now mode and that was pretty apparent with most of their moves this offseason. Jerry Tillery and Nasir Adderley should find themselves contributing immediately. After those two, we’ll likely have to wait a bit to see the picks become true contributors. Tyrod Taylor is a good backup to have if Rivers were to get hurt that could keep this team competitive.

Grade: C+