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Wide Receivers to Follow in the 2019 NFL Draft

DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, Hakeem Butler, and N’keal Harry are receivers that are all highly skilled, and getting the majority of the attention from the media. This Wide Receiver class is really damn good, with a lot of talent available both early and later on in the draft. These 3 receivers are some that I really hope to succeed at the next level, and you should follow them on their journey.

Jazz Ferguson – Northwestern State

There is the “What If” mentality that originated for me with Jazz, but after watching his tape, interviews, and his combine performance I really want this guy to succeed.

Originally committed to LSU, he ran into some issues with a failed drug test and inability to keep academic standards, and then found himself at Northwestern, his first year he had to red shirt to focus on his grades and wanted to make sure he had the right mindset.

Luckily, he was able to play his senior year, and Jazz showed us all what he can do. He had two game winning catches in absolutely clutch situations, and I am really excited to see him at the next level.

Best Traits: Hands, Catch Radius
Best Film: Draft Prospect: Jazz Ferguson
Best Fit: Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants

Jalen Hurd – Baylor

Jalen started out a running back, which yes makes him raw at receiver, but damn watching him after the catch can be really fun. He has very natural feet, hands really are great I just wish he had been able to have more reps for contested catches.

His route running is decent, but it needs work. In the NFL level he will take time to adjust to different schemes, but he has a high ceiling that could make him a very fun player to watch. He will be coming off of a knee surgery, so it will be interesting how he bounces back from it.

I may not have much to say into the personal life of Jalen, other then he got in some trouble for underage drinking, but I think that with the right coaches he could be pretty good in the NFL.

Best traits: Hands, Versatile
Best Film: Baylor vs. Oklahoma
Best Fit: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers

Greg Dortch – Wake Forest

Although there have been a couple injuries that have hindered his progression, I still like Dortch, and can’t wait to see what he can become in the NFL.

He is a very quick and shifty guy, which could easily translate into becoming a lethal K/P returner, but his size is the real drawback for being a dominant receiver. Not too sure how his top end speed will ultimately translate, but his burts are great.

Dortch’s catch radius is nothing to write home about, but he can reach for wider passes, and his hands are impressive. Another thing to watch for with Dortch is his route running. As I said before with him being quick and shifty, he is able to utilize his quick feet at the line of scrimmage which translates into quick separation.

Best Traits: Route Running, and YAC
Best Film: Draft Prospect: Greg Dortch
Best Fit: New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or Washington Redskins