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One Player Per Round I’d Bet On In The NFL Draft

1st Round- Dwayne Haskins

This is a guy that I’ve seen in person, and I was impressed as I watched him thoroughly carve up my team in the Rose Bowl (for a half). Haskins has a cannon for an arm and has incredible accuracy. I think he’ll succeed no matter what system he’s in, and personally, I like him more than most people did Sam Darnold in last year’s draft.

2nd Round- Hakeem Butler

I look at this guy’s measurables, and the only thing that comes to mind is “Are you kidding me??” Butler has the size and speed to dominate NFL defensive backs, and will be at the very least an instant impact in the red zone. He’ll definitely be on my fantasy team this year, and he should be on yours too.

3rd Round- Miles Sanders

The forgotten five star, Sanders is a force to be reckoned with. He’s fast, shifty, has good hands and has the potential to be a starting back from his first day with an NFL team. Personally, I’d love to see him with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the Ronald Jones experiment failed miserably. Sanders might go at the end of the second round, but I think he’ll still be available at the top of Round Three.

4th Round- David Sills V

I’m at the point where it’s starting to get kind of hard to predict who’s going to go where. Sills is a refined receiver and an excellent route runner, and his background as a quarterback should help him learn the playbook quickly.

5th Round- Cameron Smith

Acknowledged by some as the best linebacker in the conference when healthy, Smith could be a steal for a team that needs an off-ball linebacker. He’s a sure tackler and plays with excellent strength and speed. He has potential to be a day one starter.

6th Round- Kaleb McGary

A four year starter at the University of Washington, McGary is a fundamentally sound player who fits well into any system. He’s the kind of player that can start early and stick around in the NFL for a long time. His strength is unrivaled, and if he can get a hand on the defender’s chest, they aren’t moving.

7th Round- Greg Gaines

While he isn’t listed in the mock I’m using for reference, Gaines is an excellent nose tackle who can defend the run with the best of them. He also showed during the Senior Bowl that he’s an avid pass rusher, and deserves a spot on an NFL roster.