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Dylan Sanders’ 2020 NFL Mock Draft v1.0

Mock Draft
Dylan Sanders
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Five weeks into the college football season, four weeks into the NFL season, and approximately seven months away from the 2020 NFL Draft. The order was determined Tankathon, before anyone asks how their team is picking in a certain spot. Also given how early this is, it’s more of a notice that these prospects are guys that I think could get called on day one as opposed to who would actually end up where.

1.1 Miami Dolphins

Jerry Jeudy

The pick: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

This is the best player in College Football. Call me crazy for not going with Tua, but I think that Rosen deserves a chance, especially with a stacked QB class next season. Build around Rosen this season, and if all else fails go with Lawrence/Fields.

1.2 Washington Redskins

Chase Young

The pick: Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State

I wasn’t sold on Chase Young going into the season, but he has definitely proven me wrong. He has looked fantastic and could go 1st overall, should the Dolphins value him more than Jeudy.

1.3 Denver Broncos

Andrew Thomas

The pick: Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

OT1 goes to a team that desperately needs more protection for the QB, especially if they eventually want Drew Lock to succeed.

1.4 New York Jets

Tristan Wirfs

The pick: Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

Wirfs is an absolute monster at OT, and if they Jets want Darnold to have the opportunity that need more support in the front line, and his immune system.

1.5 Cincinnati Bengals

Tua Tagovailoa

The pick: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Andy Dalton’s time in Cincy has come to an end. They pounce on the opportunity to grab the uber-accurate QB out of Bama, in this situation that sees the Dolphins skipping out on him.

1.6 Miami Dolphins (PIT)

AJ Epenesa

The pick: AJ Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa

The reason that I had Miami take Jeudy over Young, is that they definitely have a chance to get the EDGE player I had at #1 going into the season. He still looks fantastic, and the Dolphins would be very happy to get this duo of players.

1.7 Arizona Cardinals

Jeffrey Okudah

The pick: Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State

The Cards will eventually need to replace Patrick Peterson in the secondary, and his contract ends at the end of the 2020 season. Byron Murphy was taken in the 2nd round of 2019, but will need a compadre for the next little while.

1.8 Atlanta Falcons

Derrick Brown

The pick: Derrick Brown, DL, Auburn

The Dirty Birds need another presence on the defensive line, and Brown would be a great addition to this defense. His amazing size and speed combo that will wreck offensive lines for years to come.

1.9 Indianapolis Colts

CeeDee Lamb

The pick: CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

Lamb is a VERY good WR and would be an easy WR1 lock in a lot of other drafts. His YAC ability will have the Colts drooling as they add another weapon for Jacoby Brissett to work with.

1.10 Jacksonville Jaguars

Grant Delpit

The pick: Grant Delpit, S, LSU

Delpit came into the year as DB1 and has not looked BAD, but has definitely not looked up to the level of his preseason hype. He is still a very good player and can fill a need, while coming from a school that the Jags have been known to enjoy drafting from.

1.11 Baltimore Ravens

Laviska Shenault

The pick: Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado

While I don’t think this is where the Ravens will draft, this is a position I do see them addressing. Hollywood is looking like a great downfield threat, but Shenault will be great at catching anything and everything else. (including some of the downfield stuff)

1.12 New York Giants

Isaiah Simmons

The pick: Isaiah Simmons, LB/S, Clemson

The Giants need a ton of defensive help, and getting a player like Simmons who is incredibly versatile and inhumanly athletic would be huge for them. Simmons is stupid fun to watch and can lead this Giants defense to being legit.

1.13 Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert

The pick: Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

Again, I expect the Chargers to turn this year around, but I do think that they are in an opportunity with a ton of talent, to spend an early pick on the replacement of Philip Rivers in a few years. Herbert hasn’t looked otherworldly this year, but should shine learning under Rivers.

1.14 Philadelphia Eagles

Paulson Adebo

The pick: Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford

Sorry Eagles fans, I know you don’t like getting picked to take CBs, but Adebo is very good and you need someone that won’t get hurt every other play.

1.15 Tennessee Titans

Jalen Hurts

The pick: Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma

Replace one former Heisman winner with a current Heisman front-runner. I think that Mariota has run out of chances and Hurts is a good option to replace him given the draft spot of the Titans. He has gained a ton of first round hype recently, and deservedly so.

1.16 Carolina Panthers

CJ Henderson

The pick: CJ Henderson, CB, Florida

Henderson has had injury troubles early on this season, but he will still get a lot of draft hype. The Panthers didn’t address a position they needed last year, so they will eventually take one now.

1.17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jordan Love

The pick: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

Jordan Love is like a Jameis Winston-lite but hopefully will be better. He has some great traits, but lacks in the department of decision making. Come draft time, teams will fall in love with him and he will shoot up the boards. I was going to go Yetur Gross Matos, but Shaq Barrett has absolutely set the league on fire.

1.18 Minnesota Vikings

Walker Little

The pick: Walker Little, OT, Stanford

Vikings need an offensive line, Walker Little is very good at playing on the offensive line. A match made in heaven.

1.19 Detroit Lions

K'Lavon Chaisson

The pick: K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU

Chaisson is an absolute athletic freak and while he has trouble staying on the field, he is absolutely electric when he is on it. The Lions should be ecstatic to add him to their roster. His size and speed combo is nearly unmatched.

1.20 Seattle Seahawks

Jaylon Johnson

The pick: Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah

Jaylon Johnson has all the tools to be a lockdown corner in the NFL. Speed, tackling, personality, size, all NFL-caliber. He is my favorite corner in the class, but doesn’t get the love he deserves.

1.21 Cleveland Browns

Trey Adams

The pick: Trey Adams, OT, Washington

Wow, the Browns offensive line is just atrocious. Tackle especially. Adams is the best option here and a good one at that.

1.22 Las Vegas Raiders

Dylan Moses

The pick: Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama

Moses tore his ACL and won’t play in 2019. Should he heal well, that won’t affect his draft stock and he will still be LB1, and it’s not close. He has all the talent and potential to lead a defense from the ILB position.

1.23 Dallas Cowboys

Bryce Hall

The pick: Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia

The Cowboys are a lucky team that has a ton of talent, but need to shore up the secondary. His physicality and ball skills will help the Cowboys cope with the fact that they probably won’t be able to pay Byron Jones.

1.24 Green Bay Packers

Henry Ruggs III

The pick: Henry Ruggs III, Alabama

Ruggs would be a great weapon for Rodgers and a great compliment to Davante Adams. He is just so fast and fun to watch, with some great talent that gets overshadowed by Jeudy.

1.25 Miami Dolphins (HOU)

Netane Muli

The pick: Netane Muti, IOL, Fresno State

Muti had an achilles injury last season that could’ve taken him down a peg, but it didn’t. He is absolutely mauling this year and has experience both inside and outside. Through a total of  697 pass-blocking snaps in his college career, Muti has allowed a mere 13 pressures. This season, he allowed only 2 having played both USC and Minnesota.

1.26 Buffalo Bills

Jonathan Taylor

The pick: Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

Taylor is GOD. He will be a great addition and compliment to go alongside Devin Singletary and 76-year old Frank Gore, who is still producing. He is being used more in the passing game this season, which is encouraging.

1.27 Los Angeles Rams

Trevon Diggs

The pick: Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

Trevon Diggs is super athletic and has a traits to do well in the NFL, he also comes from the Nick Saban DB factory which is top 3 in the NFL which immediately helps.

1.28 Las Vegas Raiders (CHI)

Tee Higgins

The pick: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

Should the Raiders stick with Derek Carr, he needs weapons. They got rid of Amari Cooper, but could help fill the void with the 6’4 200 lb monster form Clemson.

1.29 New Orleans Saints

Joe Burrow

The pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

The story is too perfect to pass up. Beloved LSU QB moves on an hour and a half away to New Orleans. He basically runs the Saints playbook in college, having Joe Brady on staff, and does it very VERY well. Should he continue to rise, he could make the move from fringe late rounder, to 1st round franchise QB. He has some huge shoes to fill here, where it looks as though Teddy Bridgewater didn’t get the job done.

1.30 New England Patriots

Albert Okwuegbunam

The pick: Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri

Albert is an A-Ok prospect in a position that they need to fill without Gronk anymore. He is easily TE1 and could go earlier than this, but this is the best case scenario for New England. (which always seems to come true)

1.31 San Francisco 49ers

Tyler Biadasz

The pick: Tyler Biadasz, IOL, Wisconsin

San Fran beefs up the interior line with a great player who happened to drop pretty far to them. Should they draft higher up, which is likely, he could still end up here, rightfully so.

1.32 Kansas City Chiefs

Kristian Fulton

The pick: Kristian Fulton, LSU

He has his bright spots, but is getting more targets this year with the addition of Derek Stingley on the opposite side from him. He hasn’t looked CB1 ready, but has the potential to be great. Very similar to the career trajectory of Donte Jackson from the same school.

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