Name: Drew Lock - Position: QB

Height: 6'4" - Weight: 228 lbs

School: Missouri - Age: 22

Pro ceiling: Jay Cutler

Analyst : Brandon Olsen - @WNS_Bolsen

Drew Lock is a strong-arm quarterback that’s capable of making all of the throws he’ll ever be asked to make. Lock has better zip on his throws than most quarterbacks in this draft class. It’s not Josh Allen strong, but it’s strong. Accuracy-wise, Lock has some throws that make him look like he should be QB1 in this draft class. Drew Lock has the ability to throw from different arm angles and to move around the pocket a bit, he also doesn’t get rattled too easily when he has pressure closing in on him.

With all of his positives, Lock also has his flaws. Lock unnecessarily throws off of his back foot way too often and it leads to some pretty terrible passes. Even when standing still Lock sometimes struggles with his accuracy, but that’s something that should improve with improved mechanics. I also question Lock’s ability to consistently go through his reads as he often times stares down his targets (see: Missouri vs Alabama). The ability to feel pressure is something that seems to elude Drew Lock but with proper coaching, he could benefit there.

Games watched: Purdue, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma State

Summary: Drew Lock is the strong armed passer of the 2019 NFL Draft. He’s got a great arm with a ton of zip on his passes and although he’s not the most mobile QB around, he’s no slouch either. Of course like most QBs who’ve gotten by on mostly just arm strength, Lock has accuracy issues and trouble with his mechanics that can be fixed by an NFL coaching staff.


Best Fits: Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins