Whole Nine Sports

Name: Chris Nelson - Position: DL

Height: 6'1" - Weight: 300 lbs

School: Texas

Analyst : Austin Cunningham

Good jump at the snap and with a decent punch. Decent pass rush moves in stunts, but does not control the line against runs. Good motor through the game and plays all the way through the play.  

Lacks using his hands in the pass rush and needs to show more consistency in gap assignments. There are moments in the tape where he seems lost on which gap he should be attacking. At times he stays low after the snap and others he is practically standing up.

Being a smaller defensive lineman that doesn’t have a good pass rush attack and struggles in plugging up running lanes. He is inconsistent in his release, meaning his pad level is never the same. He has a lot to work on fundamentally if he would like a chance to stay on an NFL team.